Shinagawa Store / 品川店について

1min from the exit of JR Shinagawa! Quick+tasty beer? We open from morning!
Get some beers before getting on trains for suveniers, home parties or making the train ride more enjoyable!
* Morning beer / Lunch time beer available! (from 10am!)
* Easy and great place for meeting up before appointment!
* Quick beer with bento box available! (grocery and food court)


* 朝から飲みたい人もランチビールを楽しみたい人も大歓迎!
* 駅改札口から出てすぐなので待ち合わせ場所にも最適!
* 1杯だけ、1本だけのお求めもお弁当と一緒に選べます!(スーパーもあります!)

Location Shinagawa station (Konan exit) 各線品川駅(港南口駅ビル内)
Atre Shinagawa 3F, 2-18-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo
港区港南2-18-1アトレ品川3F/Food&Time Isetan内
Phone 03-6433-2206
Open Hours Everyday10:00-22:00

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